We perform and present in libraries throughout the Bay Area, and it’s part of the joy of working in a Shakespeare theater. In this talk, director Rebecca Ennals shares a personal story about how she first encountered A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

She puts it well in her program note:
“It’s my third time directing this play – a play that launched both my love of Shakespeare and my career in the theatre when I first saw it in elementary school. Back then it was the Fairies that captured me. In high school it was the Mechanicals, who I rediscovered alongside Monty Python and Spinal Tap. In my 20s it was the Lovers, as forlorn and reckless as I often was in love. And now? I’m back with the Fairies, but with a new interest in Titania’s role as adoptive mother to the Changeling boy, now that I am a mother of two boys.”