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Meghan Doyle and
Brett Anderson in
Shakespeare on Tour's 2003 production of Julius CaesarShakespeare On Tour-Julius Caesar

Students get into the act and play with the players in

A one-hour hands-on experience that will deepen your students’
appreciation of Shakespeare On Tour’s ‘As You Like It’!

Only $150 per classroom (up to 32 students)!

email or phone 415-558-0888 for more information

PLAYSHOP will enhance your students’ experience and understanding of drama, language, and Shakespeare with an interactive one-hour session (pre or post show) with the cast of As You Like It.

Engaging and enriching materials and activities have been developed by artistic director Rebecca J. Ennals, a former Teaching Artist in Residence with the California school system. Materials are appropriate for all grades K-12; specific exercises and content vary by grade level. The teaching artists are trained professionals with comprehensive backgrounds in Shakespeare and performance.

PLAYSHOP illuminates and underscores the concepts of drama, language, and Shakespeare presented in our touring production. This participatory workshop includes games, activities and text work designed to create a greater understanding and appreciation of theater and language!

Requirements are minimal:

• 1 room for up to 32 students: $150
• 2 rooms for up to 64 students (maximum): $300
• Groups larger than 64 may be accommodated by scheduling an additional Playshop hour using the above fee schedule

Teaching Artists lead groups of students in a variety of activities appropriate to their grade level!

Play with the Players (Gr. K-2)
• physical warm-up
• vocal games using Shakespeare’s language
• improvisations based on the characters in the show

Shakespeare Basics (Gr. 3-5)
• the building blocks of Shakespeare’s language
• how to scan iambic pentameter
• the differences between verse and prose
• introduction to use of onomatopoeia

Digging Deeper (Gr. 6-8)
• components of Basics, plus:
• deeper exploration of Shakespeare’s language
• more complex verse elements (feminine endings, trochees, etc)

From Page to Stage (Gr. 9-12)
• Shakespeare Basics review
• how to use Shakespeare’s language to make strong acting choices
• collaborative scene work from Shakespeare’s plays, culminating in a group performance

Contact us NOW to include PLAYSHOP with your Shakespeare On Tour performance!

or phone: 415-558-0888




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